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Geoff Harrison

Golf in Barcelona (This magnificent view over the 1st hole at Montanya is by Geoff Harrison)

Players with 6 or more victories
Adrian Cox Graham Nash Roger Hunger Michael Robson Albert Sant Marc Cox Isabel Martinez
Adrian Cox Steve Watson Graham Nash Roger Hunger Michael Robson Albert Sant Marc Cox Izabel Martinez
16 12 10 10 9 8 7 7
Montse Sant Derek Simes Jonathan Goodman Richard Rose Roy Waters Paul Glover Mick Walsh  
Montse Sant Derek Simes Jonathan Goodman Richard Rose Roy Waters Paul Glover Mick Walsh  
7 7 7 6 7 6    

Sant Jordi or Hanslope Park Golf Society Captains

Hanslope Park Golf Society
Gary Peers Mike Thom Trevor Hague      
Graham Nash Gary Peers Mike Thom Alisdair Trevor Hague      
Michael Robson David Coote Roy Waters Ralph Griffin Paul Smith Simon Gordon Richard Rose David Coote
2007 - Michael Robson 2008 - (A) - David Coote 2008 - (B) - Roy Waters 2009-10 (A) Ralph Griffin 2009-10 (B) Paul Smith 2010-11 (A) Simon Gordon 2010-11 (B) - Richard Rose 2011-12 (A David Coote
Xavier Pitarque Roger Hunger Mick Walsh Iain Morwood   David Coote Martin Kirby  
2011-12 (B) Xavier Pitarque 2012-13 (A) - Roger Hunger 2012-13 - Mick Walsh 2013-2014 (A) - Iain Morwood 2013-2014 (B) - Martin Kirby 2014-156 -A -David Coote 2014-14 (B) Martin Kirby  
    The Saint Jordi Trophy Sant Jordi B Interlegal    
Prior to 2007, Clive Callaghan, Kevin Ellis and Michal Robson (3 times)
David English
Ralph Griffin
Michael Robson
Iain Morwood
Mark Mills
Simon Gordon
Antonio CastaƱeda
Mick Walsh
2008 - David English 2009 - Ralph Griffin 2010 - Michael Robson 2011 (A) - Iain Morwood 2011 (B) - Mark Mills 2012 (A) Simon Gordon 2012 (B) Antonio Castañeda 2013 (A) Mick Walsh
Ian Robertson Ralph Griffin Blommendaal Yunta c castrioty
2013 (B) I Robertson 2014 (A) Chris Burke 2014 (B) Richard Keeling 2014 (C) Wolfgang Finkbeiner 2015 (A) Ralph Griffin 2015 (B) Marcel Blommendaal 2015 (C) Alejandro Yunta 2016 (A) Chris Castrioty
2016 B Martin Kirby              
The Prudential International Saint Andrews Open Golf Championship
The Category A Saint Andrews Trophy was presented to the Sant Jordi Golf Society in 2008 by Adrian Cox. The Category B Saint Andrews Trophy was presented to the Sant Jordi Golf Society in 2012 by Mark Mills. The Category C Saint Andrews Trophy waspresented to the Sant Jordi Golf Society in 2012 by Albert Sant of Interlegal. Category C was discontinued in the 2015-2016 Season.
Steve Watson Adrian Cox Ian Skinner Antonio Beraza Eduardo Torres Tim Hebling Juan Maestro Stijn Teeuwen

2007 Steve Watson

2008 Adrian Cox

2009 Ian Skinner

2010 Antonio Berraza

2011 (A) - Eduardo Torres 2011-12 (B) - Tim Helbing 2012 (A) - Juan Maestro 2012 (B) - Stijn Teeuwen
Iain Morwood Mike Thom
2013 Category (A)-Iain Morwood 2013 Category (B)-Mike Thom 2014 (A) Roger Hunger 2014 (B) Simon Fletcher 2014 (C) Martin Kirby 2015 A Stijn Teeuwen 2015 B Martin Kirby 2016 A - Steve Watson
Roy Waters              
2016 - B - Roy Waters              
The Sant Jordi Masters
The Masters
Sant Jordi Golf            
2015 David Coote            
Montanya: Home of the Sant Jordi Golf Society. See the Holes in detail on the menu below.
Sant Jordi Golf SocietyRCG El Prat
Other Courses over which we have played our tournaments :
Gerona Golf Club Caldes Golf Club Llavaneres Golf Club La Graiera Golf Club PGA Catalunya Resort LA ROCA Costa Brava G C

Our Guidelines

Spectrum IFA Group
The Spectrum IFA Group: Is the Sponsor of the Sant Jordi Golf Society and has been the Sponsor of the Order of Merit for Seven Years.
Prudential International
As part of the Prudential Group, Prudential International is part of a strong and financially secure organisation with a well respected name. The Prudential Group has been helping people plan for their future for over 160 years. Its size and experience puts it in a strong position to invest customer's money wisely for the medium to long term.
Lucas Fox
Lucas Fox: Is the sponsor of the of the Sant Jordi Golf Society prizes for the nearest the flag in all of our Tournaments.
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Bufete Escura
Bufete Escura is one of the most well known and respected Law firms in Barcelona. A client centered service, coupled with high quality ethical standards form the basis of our mission. Our longstanding service ethic has resulted in us becoming the reference Law firm for a wide range of business associations who trust our firm as the Law firm they recommend to their associates.
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