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Geoff Harrison

Golf in Barcelona (This magnificent view over the 1st hole at Montanya is by Geoff Harrison)



On the 26th November at Golf Montanya we will be celebrating our 250th Tournament and also the Saint Andrews Open. Places may be limited so please get your names down to play as soon as possible.



THE FOLLOWING AGREEMENTS HAVE BEEN TAKEN AT THE COMMITTEE MEETING CELEBRATED ON THE ON THE 7TH APRIL 2015 (After the recent questionnaire and the Sant Jordi Golf Society Committee vote, the following determinations have been taken and will come into force at the first event of the 2015-2016 Next Season):


-We will use the Catalan federation handicaps for all our events which will now be registered with the Federation Catalan de Golf. Visitors to the society will be asked to play from their officially established handicap [i.e., from an ‘official’ golf organization: Spanish/Catalan Federation, R&A, CONGU, GA, PGA, USGA, etc.]. But they cannot acquire any Order of Merit points from their first tournament.

-If a player wishes to participate without a formal handicap, (as outlined above) their scores will not count and an approximate handicap will be evaluated and used until a federation handicap is obtained. In the event that a player does not hold a handicap certificate the scores at Sant Jordi events may be used to obtain one from the Catalan Golf Federation. Anyone who wishes to play in our tournaments may do so at any time in accordance with the above specified handicap rules, unless they do not wish to participate/obtain Order of Merit points


- We are delighted to announce that the Order of Merit will continue to be sponsored by the Spectrum IFA Group and that the Nearest the Pin prizes will be sponsored by Lucas Fox International Properties. Our thanks to Jonathan Goodman, Richard Rose and Chris Burke from Spectrum and to Stijn Teeuwen from Lucas Fox for their support.

-Beginning in the 2015-2016 season we will revert back to having only two Order of Merit Categories. The season, which starts in May, will be played at Montanya. For the category classification, we will use the Catalan Federation Handicap (or other “official” handicap) to place players in their respective categories. The A & B categories from the previous Order of Merit season may be taken into account for the placement of players in each category, but this will not be fixed until we are notified by the player that he/she has obtained an official handicap.

-The Handicap rankings (before slope) will be as follows: Category A: handicaps between 0 & 19.4; Category B: handicaps between 19.5 & 36. A handicap of 36 will be the highest playing handicap allowed, no matter what a player’s “official” handicap may be.


-Players can only score in the category in which they start the season.

-Only the 8 best results from the season will count towards the final total for the Spectrum IFA Group Order of Merit.

-Committee members will alternate in the presentation of tournaments during the year.

-We will Play a Category A vs Category B Tournament.

-We plan to play Tom Halliday’s group home or away.


-For the newsletters on a rotational basis committee members will provide a ‘player’s viewpoint’ that will be included in the text.


  2. -The new roles for each committee member are below these lines.

    -All committee members will be known as Senior Members.

    -Adrian Cox, logistics, Registrations and Order of Merit. Co-Founder, Webmaster and Club Liaison will make contact with the Hanslope Park Golf Society to arrange a possible 2 day match at a venue to be decided (Home or Away).

    -Albert Sant as Legal Advisor and Club Liaison Manager will look at the value for money aspect of the lunches we presently have at the L'Estanyol Restaurant.

    -Chris Burke as Media Manager will be liaising with our Golf Shirt Supplier to arrange for the production of the 20 Years and 250 events the T-Shirt. It is anticipated that we may need between 50 and 60.-Chris will also manage our LinkedIn & Twitter accounts.

    -Brent Ledford as the most visible ‘in front of the camera’ player, has also been nominated as the Society Captain.

    -Paul Glover, as Competition Manager, will be responsible for play at Montanya, alternative venues and formats for those events. The tournaments played away from Montanya may differ year to year. At present Dec, Jan, Feb and one of the summer dates to be played at alternative venues. We may play home and away matches against the groups of the Costa Brava and Emporda. Courses might be Vilalba, Caldes, Sant Vincenç Montalt, Costa Dorada or others. Once Paul has agreed the venues the details will be posted on the web and notifies to all players.

    -Craig McLaughlan, as Sponsorship Liaison Manager will liaise with all of our sponsors and friends on the assistance and support they may wish to provide t at events.



    -There will be a reduction in the fee for the prizes.

    -At the Sant Jordi events (Majors Apart) we will distribute 10 prizes per match and withdraw the full draw. They will be:

    Cat A 1st, 2nd & 3rd
    Cat B 1st, 2nd & 3rd
    Lucas Fox International Properties Nearest to the pin x 2
    Longest drive
    One large draw prize to be drawn among all the players present at the lunch.



    -Club Liaison Manager & Webmaster– Adrian Cox

    -Club Liaison Manager &Legal Advisor - Albert Sant

    -Sponsorship Manager – Craig McLaughlan

    -Prizes and Accounts Manager– Brent Ledford

    -Competition and Venue Manager – Paul Glover

    -Registration of Players and collation of results – Adrian Cox

    -Shirts and Media Manager– Chris Burke

    -Web Work – Adrian

    Adrian Cox:

Adrian Cox

Senior Member, Web Manager and Co-Founder

Club liaison, logistics, registrations and Order of Merit.

Registration requests, Special needs of players, communication of players to venues, collating data for the web page, newsletter and photography. Circulation of data, What’s App manager. Co-presentation at events & photography.

Mobile: 691 805 744 - HALL OF FAME MEMBER - Mail Adrian Cox


Albert Sant:

Albert Sant

Senior Member, Legal Avisor & Club Liaison Manager

Legal, Club Liaison and Logistics Manager

Club liaison and logistics with Direction at Osona Montanya Golf Club and restaurant, Co-presentation at events & photography.

Mobile: 667 704 225 - HALL OF FAME MEMBER - Mail Albert Sant


Brent Ledford:

Brent Ledford

Society Captain and Treasurer (Senior Member)

Society Captain, Treasurer, purchase of prizes, preparations at event venues, presentation at events & photography. 

Mobile 682732165Mail Brent Ledford


Chris Burke:

Chris Burke

Information Manager (Senior Member)

Circulation of Sant Jordi Information via web sources, Sant Jordi Twitter & Linkedin Manager.

Logistics for new Sant Jordi golf shirts. Surveys and questionnaires. Co-presentation at events & photography.

Mobile: 689915730. Mail Chris Burke


Craig McLaughlan:

Vraig McLaughlan

Sponsor Liaison Manager and Logistics (Senior Member)

Liaison with all the collaborators for the Sant Jordi Events and in particular with Stijn Teeuwen and The Spectrum IFA Group for the promotion of the Major Tournaments. Co-presentation at events & photography.

Mobile: 654 873 521. Mail Craig McLaughlan


Paul Glover:

Paul Glover

Venue and Competition Manager (Senior Member)

Tasked With: Organization of venues for our tournaments, formats of the competitions and dates. Society Tours, Federation Handicaps, Co-presentation at events & photography.

Mobile: 607429650- Mail Paul Glover.



  Question Replies
1 Lower prizes fund to 5€ and give better place prizes and only give draw prizes to a 4 additional players. 21
Continue with the present system. 6
2 Use federation Handicap system with no mulligans and no reduction for winners. 17
Continue with the present system. 11
3 Play the Sant Jordi Events at other venues in rotation 13
Continue with the present system. 15


-Our thanks for your support, patience and understanding while we work into our new roles.

Adrian Cox For and on behalf of the Sant Jordi Golf Society Committee.

Montanya: Home of the Sant Jordi Golf Society. See the Holes in detail on the menu below.
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